Creativity: Dwelling in the Mind of God

On Sunday, I had the honor of speaking before the United Church of Christ in Campbell. What a beautiful building! And I had the pleasure of meeting some very nice people.


When I was invited to come and speak to this congregation, I thought this would be an easy gig. After all, over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about creativity and God. I have a lot of ideas on the subject.

It has turned out rather more challenging than I expected. I think one’s relationship with God is extremely personal, so coming up with a way of describing it has been an interesting challenge. So, thank you.

I was raised an Episcopalian, which you probably know is the American version of the Anglican faith, the Church of England, the one Henry VIII made up when he wanted a divorce.

In preparing to give this talk, I was reminded of the Anglican minister over a century ago who was asked to preach before Queen Victoria. He was pretty nervous so he went to the Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, and asked for advice.

Disraeli said, “If you preach for 40 minutes, Her Majesty will be bored. If you preach for 20 minutes, she will be pleased. If you preach for 10 minutes, she will be delighted. “Yes,” he said, “Very well, but what can I talk about in ten minutes?” “That will be a matter of indifference to Her Majesty.”

So, as your visiting lay Anglican, “indifference” and “ten minutes,” make a pretty low bar. I will try to do better than that. Continue reading