Where is my Very Fast Train?


My very fast train was supposed to be completed in 2008. There has been a lot of we don’t need no fast rail talk, but honestly, when is California, and the U.S., going to join the industrial world? All through Europe, you can get from one major city to another by rail. In Japan you can get to just about every city, and all around the country, by rail.

Not to mention that laying rail is one way to create a whole lot of good-paying jobs. And these are jobs you can’t outsource to China!

Just imagine if I could take a very fast train from Fresno, to San Jose, or San Francisco. I could drive down to the station, catch the train, read or talk, get off in San Jose, have dinner, see a show, or visit with friends, and then come back the same night.

I commuted to Foothill College three terms a year for ten years, driving in every week. Seven hours of driving, 180 miles each way. It is a pleasant drive. Pacheco Pass is beautiful. But I would much rather view it from the train.

If we had a very fast train, people could live in Fresno, and work in the Bay Area. We could go to Los Angeles on a day trip. China is building fast trains! Why are we stuck in the pre-industrial age?

Bring on California’s very fast train! Let’s finally enter the 21st century!