Playwriting Podcast

Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Playwriting Podcast

Beginning Playwriting

Lesson 1.1 How to Begin a Play

Lesson 1.2 Creating Theatrical Characters, and Writing Theatrical Dialogue

Lesson 1.3 Structuring a Short Play

Lesson 1.4 Writing for the Theater

Lesson 1.5 Testing a Short Play

Intermediate Playwriting

Lesson 2.1 Writing a Longer Play

Lesson 2.2 More Advanced Character Development, and Drama vs. Conflict

Lesson 2.3 Seven Functions of Dialogue

Lesson 2.4 More About Plotting

Lesson 2.5 Testing Your Play

Advanced Playwriting

Lesson 3.1 Writing a Full-Length Play

Lesson 3.2 Character Development and Transcensions

Lesson 3.3 The Eighth and Ninth Functions of Dialogue, Gest, and Theatricality

Lesson 3.4 Getting Unstuck, and The Play as an Energy System

Lesson 3.5 Why Write a Play? and, Getting a Production